Pest Risk Analysis (PRA)

The process of PRA involves the categorization of pests associated with the commodity into quarantine pests; evaluation of their introduction potential; critical assessment of economic and environmental impact of their introduction; and specification of risk mitigating measures against them.

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In India, Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) is carried out for a commodity before allowing its entry into the country as per clause-3 (7) of Plant Quarantine (Regulation of import into India) Order 2003 and subsequently issue Gazette notification for such commodity for listing in appropriate Schedule attached to this Order for its entry or otherwise or phytosanitary conditions, if any. The Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) is carried out in accordance with International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) guidelines. For this purpose, normally Exporting country makes a request to the Indian Ministry of Agriculture with technical data and providing additional information/clarification as and when desired by the Department of Agriculture, Government of India. However, the importer can also file an Import PRA request in prescribed form with the Plant Protection Adviser.


Technical-Data-Requirement for PRA


Plant Quarantine Information System (PQIS)

Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation has recently got developed a web portal for on-line registration of Exporters and Importers of agricultural commodities seeking the following services:-

  • Issuance of Import Permit
  • Issuance of Import Release Order
  • Issuance of Phytosanitary Certificate

Traders are able to track their application status after applying on-line and are  also able to access history of their application during entire life cycle of the application. Other features of this portal are advisory and informative services like Plant Quarantine Order, Standard Operating Procedures and Pest database with search facility.

The objective of the Plant Quarantine Information System is to provide an efficient and effective service, which fully satisfies their stake holders, such as importers, exporters, individuals and the Government.

The next phase of this system would be establishment of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with ICEGATE (Indian Customs EDI Gateway) for on-line referral of imported agricultural consignments by the customs for speedy Plant Quarantine clearance. The other feature of e-payment of Inspection fees would also be incorporated in this system.

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